Project Information


Born in the 1920s, Naturalizer became the first company to design shoes made specifically for women. They believed women deserved a better-designed shoe, and so began the company’s long-standing tradition of crafting ingenious, ergonomic design with an elegant sensibility - quickly becoming a shoe for college-goers, travelers, and women workers during World War II.

To compete with recent and rapidly-growing entrants in the women’s footwear category, Naturalizer invited COLLINS to evolve and reimagine the brand for modern-day customers. After marketplace research, including developing in-home ethnographies, we identified a new customer and built a new brand strategy to drive the company’s growth.

We then created a new brand expression that re-vitalizes Naturalizer’s history of creating inventive, and always elegant design. Each expression of the brand pays homage to Naturalizer’s roots while finding inspiration in American modernist design.

Modeled after artists’ lofts of the 1940s and 1950s, COLLINS designed Naturalizer’s new flagship stores in New York City and Chicago. We also re-imagined their customer journey from top to bottom.

After the introduction of Naturalizer’s new brand strategy, identity, products, and flagship stores, their fiscal year sales soared; up 17% for retail and 11% for wholesale. Naturalizer jumped into the top 15 women’s footwear brands, contributing to the highest revenue in the company’s 100-year history.


  • Nick Ace
  • Gabe Benzur
  • Flora Chan
  • Adrienne Chalfant
  • Clay Kippen
  • Chris Konya
  • Leland Maschmeyer
  • Courtney Shares
  • Mari Juliano, Photographer
  • Giannina Oteto, No Agency
  • Vera Bulder, No Agency
  • Lisa Nguyen, Stylist
  • Stacey Louise Grant, Hair and Makeup
  • Harry James Hanson, Prop Stylist
  • Margo Feiden Gallery