Some people like to go on a vacation with their family and to have quality time together. If you like a landscape with hills then this is the destination for you. For the rest of us, other 5 reasons we should go to Johnson’s of St. Mary (Montana) might be just what we need to hear to book a room.

It’s a family business
If you’re one of those people who prefer offering support to small business then you should know that the Johnson family owns this campground for 3 generations and more than 60 years. With so much experience in the hospitality industry, you can be certain you will have a good time when staying here.

For the view
There is nothing more impressive here than the view. The campsite offers a great view of the Upper and Lower St. Mary Lake, Blackfeet Reservation, and Glacier Park, all at once. You will be inspired to take many pictures or to paint everything you see.

Choose to camp or not
Some people like to go camping while others don’t. Those who prefer the camping experience they have two options: either in a tent or in an RV. There are 75 and 82 sites respectively for camping. Those who dislike camping can choose one of the few cottages or the Bessie Shannon Bedroom.

There’s good food
Johnson’s World Famous Historic Restaurant is well known in the area. You should know that what made this restaurant famous was the homemade food, including soups, breads, and desserts. Everyone going to Glacier stops by here.

To witness a Native American celebration
The campsite is located on a Native American Reservation belonging to the Blackfeet Indians. In July they have a 4 day celebration that includes traditional dances, a rodeo, a parade, as well as other interesting events.