Kentucky seems like a good place to go for a summer vacation. There is no need to look for an expensive hotel, when you can find a smaller lodge to stay at. Here are 5 reasons we should go to Eddy Creek Marina Resort!

Stay at Eddy Creek’s RV Park
Your family will spend an amazing vacation in this park. If you have a trailer, you can simply sit back and enjoy the surroundings, swim, go fishing or just relax and have a picnic. The RV Park is equipped with running water and picnic tables.

Check out Echo Charlie’s Bayside Restaurant
Taste some fried catfish and have a glass of wine at the Bayside Restaurant. Tourists love this cozy and casual place, but locals also often come here after a busy day. The dishes are reasonably priced and healthy, and the desserts are always a hit!

Take a tour of Black Oak Vineyard & Winery
When you are not too busy, pay a visit to the Black Oak Vineyard. The winery organizes wine tasting events and tours, and you will get the chance to taste the best wine in the state. Black Oak Vineyard & Winery is only open on weekends.

Go to the Clement Mineral Museum
If you have a passion for gems and crystals, this place is a must see. The museum contains a huge selection of minerals, along with pictures and information. Make sure you call beforehand, as the museum is only open on Saturdays.

Visit the Amish Community
Any visitor who wants to experience an alternative lifestyle should visit the Amish Community. You will get the opportunity to visit the schools, become accustomed to the Amish traditions and perhaps even make some new friends. The Marion based community is located only about 20 minutes away from the lodge.