A visit to Billings, Montana will never boring. There are music festivals and plenty of indoor and outdoor activities that will keep you busy the entire duration of your stay. If you are strapped for time, though, try these popular activities first to get the best that Billings has to offer.
Places to See
The Moss Mansion – An hour of guided tour is offered in this mansion that was built in 1903. It is said to be the resident of the Moss Family, an opulent family that enjoyed the affluent and upscale living of that era. All of that opulence is seen in the furnishings and fixtures found in the Moss Mansion and in the architecture of the home itself.
Yellowstone County Museum – This is located near the airport so you can make this your first stop when you get to Billings. You will find here preserved artifacts and collections that clearly depict the history of the Yellowstone Valley.
Pictograph Cave State Park – This park has a museum that exhibits artifacts that date back to more than 4000 years ago. However, the more popular sight here is the so-called rock art, which is essentially caused by the leaching of minerals on the rock, thus causing different patterns.
Things to Do
Horseback Riding – Try the Bitter Creek Outfitters for this activity. They have great horses that will take you along equally great trails. Enjoy the countryside of Billings, amidst wildflowers and pine trees for a relaxing experience.
Day at the Zoo – If you are traveling with kids, bringing them to the zoo is the sure fire way to keep them busy and happy. You can go to ZooMontana to see some bears, wolves, eagles, lynx, tigers, pandas, and many more. They also have various activities where you and your kids can learn from.
Party by the Streets – Every summer, Billings host a series of street parties called Alive After 5. Lots of bands are featured and, of course, plenty of beers from the local brewery for you to enjoy.