Knowing a resort has both a Spa and a casino on its grounds is enough for many to want to go check it out. There are people out there that need serious convincing with at least 5 reasons we should go to Ameristar Casino Resort Spa St. Charles (Missouri).

Ladies entertainment
It is very likely that every woman out there would be interested in seeing the famous Chippendales performing in the flesh right in front of them. If you’re a woman and all you ever wanted was to see one of their acts, this is your chance, but you better go only with your female friends.

Lots of dining options
You surely can’t starve while on a holiday, and you must eat something tasty. |This resort has 9 different locations waiting for you with a variety of dishes and menus. Feel free to go to a steak and pasta restaurant, to a bar and grill, a bakery, or a diner.

You have complimentary amenities
Be sure you’re not the only one who likes receiving stuff for free. This resort knows it, and it offers some on the house amenities. They include: coffee service, bottled water, wireless internet, and plasma TVs with HD images. Ask the concierge about the rest.

You’re getting married
All weddings need to be accommodated somewhere where the space is sufficient for everything you planned. A resort usually has more than enough room to accommodate you and your guests on your special day. You might cut down the cost by having the party catered for at the resort.

To check out the pool
If you think all the pools are the same, you’re very wrong. The pool at the Ameristar in St. Charles comes with hot tubs, a fire pit, and a pool menu. The best part about this pool is that half is covered and half is not.