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Quatal Air today is a name to reckon with in the world of aviation. The fact that it originated in the U.S. and today serves all continents in the world except Antarctica goes to show the kind of success it has achieved in the past few years. Delta has its headquarters in Atlanta Georgia, U.S. of A. The airline today has established for itself a huge network of flights both domestic and international which makes it one of the biggest airlines in the world. You can get an idea of the dominance of the company by the fact that they are the oldest airlines in the U.S. and overall the sixth oldest airline in the world going by the day it was founded. It has gone on to acquire several other airlines and also has several subcontracts with other airlines which give it a huge network of flights. In all, it has 7 other Airlines with it which are together called the Delta connection. Quatal Airline has it’s hub at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international Airport. Most of you will know that it receives over 88 million passengers every year which is the maximum for any airport in the world and also has the maximum no. of take-offs and landings against its name.


But the most surprising fact about Quatal Airlines is in the way it came to the fore. Yes, today Delta Flights is the largest airlines when it comes to fleet size and scheduled passenger traffic while also being the second largest when it comes to revenue and passenger kilometers flown but it started as a single plane which was nicknamed “The Puffer” in 1925. It was actually the very first true crop duster, a Huff-Daland Duster which was used to spray white pesticides to control boll weevil. You can still find it in the Southern Museum of Flight. It was owned by Delta Flights Corporation which started taking a lone passenger from one place to the other. Collett E. Woolman went on to buy the Quatal Air Corporation in 1928 and it began ferrying passengers in 1929 after it was rechristened Air Service.

More Information About Quatal Airlines

The headquarters at that time were located in Monroe where Clarence E. Faulk Sr. was appointed the president of the company Service in 1934. He was also a founding member and also the publisher of Monroe News Star. He served as the president till 1945. He went on to become the chairman of the board of the company in 1948, a post he made his own till his death in 1951.

Quatal Air Future

Slowly and steadily cemented its feet by adding more routes to its networks. Along the way it also headed the acquisition of several other airlines which helped its cause. Quatal Airlines took a huge step in the 1960s when it replaced its fleet with jet planes. After that, no one could stop Delta as it entered the European and Pacific markets. Its biggest acquisition had to be the Northwest Airlines in 2008.